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Marine Forces Europe and Africa

United States Marine Corps

USAG Stuttgart, Germany
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Morning Report Cheat Sheet

Who to contact for support

G-1, Adjutant Section:


-          Personnel Actions (AA Forms)

-          Daily Accountability


G-8, DTS Help Desk:


-          GTCC questions/requests

-          DTS questions/request


G-1, RPAC Section: MARFOREURAFG1RPAC@usmc.mil

-          Benefits & Entitlements

-          Joins & Drops

-          Administration of Dependents

-          Housing

-          Travel Claims, NATO orders, and TAD Trips

-          TLA


G-1, Manpower Section:


-          Special Circumstances Travel

-          Billet Description Changes

-          MMOA Roadshow Info


G-1, Reserve Liaison Section: rlo@usmc.mil

-          Any issues regarding reservists


Staff Secretary:


-          Command Deck


Important MARFOREUR/AF Forms, Policies, and Directives

Directives, policies, and templates

(links to documents)

-          Performance Evaluations

-          Official Travel

-          Individual Medical Readiness

-          Benefits and Entitlements

-          Accountability for Personnel Administratively Attached to MARFOREURAF

-         MARFOREURAF General Order

       -         Leave and Liberty Order

-          Liberty Dates

-          AA Form (blank)

-          Letterhead Standard Naval Letter Template

-          Uniform Policy

-          FitRep PDF (blank)

-          Statement in Lou of (blank)