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IDF trains BSRF-13

By Lance Cpl. Michael Dye | | August 6, 2013

“Weapon be ready,” 25 Marines yelled while going through the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Course at Camp Adam, Israel July 4-14 during Exercise Noble Shirley 13.  This was the first time during Black Sea Rotational Force 13 that these Marines stepped out of the instructor role and into the student role.
“It was good to see and learn how other countries train,” said Lance Cpl. Daniel Frost, a rifleman with Easy Company, BSRF-13 and Antioch, Tenn., native.  “Learning other techniques is just one more tool we have when it comes to combat and being a better Marine.”
The Israeli Defense Force spent time instructing Marines on tactics and procedures they use while in combat.  These procedures included everything from basic shooting style, reloading procedures to urban terrain clearing and designated marksman training.
“I am one of the few Marines that have the opportunity to be instructed by designated marksmen soldiers in Israel,” said Frost.  “Their style of shooting is different than ours, but the concept is still the same: one shot, one kill.”
Marines and sailors also went through close quarter combat lessons where they stepped out of their comfort zone and learned a completely new type of training. Marines learned the Israeli ways of clearing buildings and dealing with terrorist, skills put to the test when they entered a “shoot house” and used simulation rounds, rounds similar to paintball ammunition, and maneuvered their way through the course trying not to take contact. 

“Simulation rounds hurt!” said Frost.  “You try to do everything not to get shot with one of them and it really makes you be cautious about every move.”

Once the sun set in the desert where the Marines were training, it was not time for rest, it was for more training. While the Marine Corps has its Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, the IDF has Krav Maga, a form of martial arts that they teach every soldier and when the sun went down, the gloves came on.

“In order to be effective at Krav Maga you have to be fast, strong, accurate and calm,” said the Krav Maga instructor, whose name remains undisclosed for security reasons.  “These are the fundamentals for every [Israeli] soldier and these are going to be the fundamentals I demand from the Marines.”

After two weeks’ worth of training the Marines and sailors took a few days to tour the city of Jerusalem before moving forward with their training further south into the desert to end Noble Shirley with Desert Warfare training.