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BSRF-13 says goodbye to Georgia, heads to Romania

By Lance Cpl. Michael Dye | | April 19, 2013


Marines and sailors with Black Sea Rotational Force 13 closed Exercise Agile Spirit 13 with the Republic of Georgia’s 23rd Infantry Battalion with a demonstration of a joint operations urban raid for distinguished visitors.

“We performed a demonstration of how we have worked together these past few weeks to our distinguished visitors,” said Lt. Col. Steve Wolf, the commanding officer for BSRF-13.  “The demonstration was very good I received a lot of good feedback from the Marines and sailors about working with the Georgians.”

The Marines and Georgians demonstrated proper techniques to perform an assault on a building and hold the position.  While assaulting the building, utilizing Modular Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES), they also demonstrated how they removed simulated casualties from the battlefield with helicopter support.

The closing demonstration was the last exercise of Agile Spirit-13.  Agile Spirit helped prepare both Georgians and Marines in small arm tactics, cordon and search procedures and counter-improvised explosive device tactics.

“Agile Spirit was very successful,” said Sgt. Maj. Nicholas Deabreau, the Sgt. Maj. for BSRF-13 “The Marines and Georgians came together and battled and overcame the windy elements and ended up with good training.”

With the exercise over Marines and Georgians are also better trained for future operations in Afghanistan.

“I thought the exercise was outstanding,” said Wolf.  “The determination that the Georgians showed during the exercise was phenomenal and I think that the Marines were surprised.” 

The following day BSRF-13 and the soldiers with the 23rd Infantry Battalion held a closing ceremony followed by festive music and traditional Georgian folk music and dance, where Marines and sailors got a firsthand look at the local culture.

The Marines and sailors with BSRF-13 will be leaving the Republic of Georgia and transitioning to Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania.  In Romania BSRF-13 will be supporting various military endgadgments, while also serving as a crisis contingency force for the Black Sea region.  BSRF-13 is currently planning for exercises Summer Shield-13 which is scheduled to start mid-April in Latvia.  BSRF-13 is slated to conduct military engagements operations with approximately 21 different nations during its six-month deployment.  During that time, BSRF will exchange and advise small unit tactics, convoy operations, live fire weapon ranges, non-lethal weapons employment and counter-improvised explosive device training.