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Marines train Republic of Georgian military

By Capt. Mark Carter | | February 8, 2003

U.S. Marines began training soldiers from the Georgian 16th Mountain Battalion marking the beginning of the 3rd phase of the Georgia Train and Equip Program.  The Marines will spend the next several months teaching the Georgian force how to conduct combat operations in a mountain environment.

Prior to conducting training the Georgian soldiers received equipment and physical examinations.  They also conducted an initial physical fitness test, ensuring all participants are capable and qualified to partake in the program.

GTEP is a coordinated effort between the governments of the United States and Georgia to equip and train selected members of the Georgian military.  With proper training and equipment, the Georgian military can provide a higher degree of security for Georgia and the Caucasus region.  Chechen rebels and suspected Al Queda terrorists use the Pankisi Gorge area of northeast Georgia to hide and plan future terrorist attacks.