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A member of the Wayne Leadership class watches intently as a 911th boom operator refuels an F-16 Fighting Falcon 20,000 feet in the air on Jan. 21. (USAF photo by Ms. Donna Lea, 916ARW/PA)

Photo by Ms. Donna Lea, ARWPA

Come fly, come fly away: Civic leaders learn about Reserve mission

24 Jan 2011 |

More than 50 civic leaders from across the state of North Carolina spent the day with the 916th Air Refueling Wing on Jan. 21.

Police officers, business owners and the class of Leadership Wayne County joined the Air Force Reserve wing to witness an air-to-air refueling with F-16s at  20,000 feet.

The group was also able to tour the 4th Fighter Wing's load barn where they were able to see the various munitions loaded onto an F-15 Strike Eagle.

"I have been blessed to be at a lot of events, usually around sports," said Mr. Mike Sobb, assistant athletic director of marketing for Duke University, "But Friday ranks as one of the coolest days I have had ever!"
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