Third party collection program-Helping us help you

3 Sep 2008 | 375th Medical Group

Do you remember the last time you walked into the clinic for an appointment? The front desk clerk asked you for two items when you checked-in: your military identification card and your Other Health Insurance card. If you didn't have an OHI card they asked you to fill out a Third Party Collection Form, commonly referred to as the DD Form 2569.

The Third Party Collection Form is used to gather information on additional health insurance you are enrolled in, other than TRICARE, or simply to validate that you do not have additional insurance. It is used to seek reimbursement for services including inpatient and outpatient care, clinic visits, tests ordered by an outside physician and filled at the military facility, radiology exams, laboratory tests, and pharmacy prescriptions.

How does this benefit me? Our number one commitment is to continue to provide optimum healthcare to you. This program brings money directly back into your clinic and allows us to support the high quality of care you have come to expect. In addition, your deductible gets paid but not out of your pocket. Many health plans have a deductible that must be paid by the insured before any money is contributed by the carrier. When our clinic bills your health plan, the health carrier first subtracts the amount of the deductible before any dollars are reimbursed to the clinic. For patients who have an annual deductible and require future care in a civilian facility, this represents significant savings.

What does all of this mean to you? First, all beneficiaries, excluding active duty members, are required to have a current DD Form 2569 on file in their medical record. The DoD is required by Federal Law to collect funds from health care plans of medical beneficiaries who receive care at Military Treatment Facilities.

At the start of each visit you will be asked to submit, or confirm, your benefit information. This is done initially by completing the DD Form 2569 and being issued the OHI card which is good for one year; after which time we'll need the DD Form 2569 to be revalidated and a new OHI card will be issued.

Will I get billed? You may wonder if your health benefit plan will bill you. Rest assured you will not be billed. The obligation to pay medical costs applies only to the commercial carrier of your plan. We are entitled to receive payment from third party payers that any other medical care provider would receive. Your benefit plan will pay money directly to us and you will not be billed for charges not covered by your insurer. Typically the health benefit plan carrier sends you a written Explanation of Benefits. This form explains how much was paid to us and what deductibles or co-payments were subtracted from the claim we filed. This is not a bill! It is an explanation for your personal records.

What can you do to help? Support our technicians at the front desk. This means filling out a DD Form 2569, or validating one is still correct, at each visit. Even if you don't have any additional insurance, the signed form in your record stating that there is no other insurance is proof that we inquired. You can expedite completing the form by bringing your insurance card with you.

Please remember we are here to help! We're working hard to provide better service to you, our beneficiaries. If you have any questions about the Third Party Collection Program, or would like to submit your health benefit plan information directly to us, contact the Third Party Collection office at 256-7249.

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