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Marines and Sailors help restore 2,400 year-old castle

By Lance Cpl. Patrick Osino | Marine Corps Forces Africa | August 3, 2017

Marines and Sailors with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa logistics combat element worked hand-in-hand with Syracuse residents to restore the Eurialo Castle here on Aug 3, 2017.

Built in 401 BC, the Eurialo Castle is a significant building in the history of the Greek military, designed to help defend the city from enemy attacks. However, a once magnificent and complex structure is now a ruin overrun by weeds and grass.

Armed with weed-whackers and rakes, Marines and Sailors partnered with the Syracuse community to restore this ancient piece of history and prevent further damage from wild fires, which are rampant on Sicily especially during hot summer months.

“Today, what we are doing is very important because this is one of the most important archeological sites in Sicily,” said Valentino Deieso, the president of the associazione nazionale carabinieri. “Unfortunately because of lack of funds the site’s restoration depends on volunteers.”

The Marines and Sailors had an opportunity to tour the site and visit its museum. They learned the history of the site, including that it was designed by Greek scientist and mathematician, Archimedes.

“This is the project that has been conducted for a couple of years by the Marines and the local archeology agency,” said Dr. Maria Musumeci, head archeologist-in-charge of the site. “It’s also a great way to share the artistic history of the area with the Marines and Sailors.”

The voluntary clean-up event left a positive impression with the local residents who were eager to participate and look forward to working with the Marines and Sailors in future community projects.

“This is very positive,” said Deieso. “I enjoy partnering with the Marines because being president of the organization has given me the opportunity to work with the Marines and enjoy their enthusiasm and willingness in volunteering to restore the site.”