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Marine Forces Europe and Africa

United States Marine Corps

USAG Stuttgart, Germany
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In a dynamic and ever-shifting global environment, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa provides the only continually-assigned Marine component in support of U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command’s mission to promote regional security, maintain proven partnerships and interagency cooperation, and deter and defeat transnational threats.

MarForEur/Af leverages rotational expeditionary Marine forces, like Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa and Black Sea Rotational Force, and prepositioned capabilities, such as the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway, to reassure allies and maintain strategic access while supporting rapid response to crises and contingencies throughout the continents of Europe and Africa, by direction of the combatant commands.

Beyond serving on the forefront of crisis response, this economy-of-force headquarters integrates multilateral, combined and joint activities and exercises through partner-nation relations that contribute towards security, stability and prosperity throughout their regional reach. These military-to-military engagements with allies and partner nations build upon relationships to facilitate conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution.


MarForEur/Af’s innovation, operational excellence, and core values allow the command to adhere to the Marine Corps’ service conviction to be “the most ready when the nation is least ready.”

Our Contributions:

 - We maintain an expeditionary rotational Marine Air-Ground Task Force comprised of Marines and sailors trained and ready to conduct crisis response, theater security cooperation, and military-to-military engagements across Europe and Africa.

 - We provide a scalable Marine Corps Security Cooperation Task Force with partner forces under the auspices of Africa Partnership Station and the Georgia Deployment Program. The SCTF conducts tailored security force assistance to advance partner military capacity and regional response capabilities throughout their respective regions including partner-nation contributions to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan and other Overseas Contingency Operations.

 - We reinforce EUCOM and AFRICOM’s combined and joint exercises intended to enhance European and African forces’ capabilities including multiple annually-scheduled multilateral engagements throughout the regions.

By building strong partnerships facilitated by outstanding personnel and engaging in continuous engagements, MarForEur/Af stands ready to respond to crisis and the many complex regional situations that affect U.S. national security and global prosperity.

Our Programs:

Marine Rotational Force Europe: This force is compromised of an infantry company reinforced by enablers and a Marine Coordination Element. The Marines' presence in Norway facilitates military exercises that support NATO and USEUCOM operational plans; increases interoperability with Allies and Partners; advances efforts for more naval integration; and enables recuperation of the Marine Corps' cold weather and mountain proficiencies.



Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa: A self-deployed, self-sustaining force with organic aviation assets capable of responding to a full range of crises throughout the combatant commands’ areas-of-responsibility. Its unique, over-the-horizon capabilities, with the MV-22B Osprey and KC-130J Hercules assets, enables the employment of the force over extended, expansive ranges within directed timelines to include embassy reinforcement, support to noncombatant evacuation, support to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel. Strategically positioned at the Moron Air Base in Spain and at the Naval Air Station in Sigonella, Italy, the program engages African partners to foster trusting relationships and respect while increasing interoperability between militaries.


Black Sea Rotational Force: A rotational force of Marines and sailors to the Black Sea, Caucasus and Balkan regions, positioned at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield, Romania, focused on military engagements that prepare Eastern European partners for real-world contingency operations while demonstrating commitment and maintaining strategic access across the region.


Georgia Deployment Program-Resolute Support Mission: A security force assistance model that trains Republic of Georgia Army battalions for full-spectrum counterinsurgency operations support in Afghanistan. GDP-RSM contributes deployed Georgian battalions that constitute half of the ground combat power in RSM’s Regional Command- Southwest and other Overseas Contingency Operations.


Marine Corps Prepositioning Program- Norway (MCPP-N): Equipment set capable of supporting an ashore-based, balanced MAGTF in operations up to mid-intensity conflict levels. This program continues to support the reinforcement of Norway, reaffirming America’s strategic relationship with their partners, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, the Department of State, Joint Staff and Headquarters Marine Corps.

Multilateral Engagements, Exercises and Amphibious Readiness Groups:
MarForEur/Af supports a myriad of exercises and operations, from annually-scheduled engagements such as Exercise African Lion, Operation ONWARD LIBERTY, and Exercise Western Accord, to multiple Military Intelligence Officer Course seminars and logistics interoperability conferences throughout the African region. In addition to these, MarForEur/Af supports and liaisons between Amphibious Readiness Groups in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, to include Marine Expeditionary Units, a maritime security cooperation task force, Africa Partnership Station, and multiple allied military engagements to include Exercise Cold Response, Combined Endeavor, and bilateral activities with our European and African partners.

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